Modernist Funeral, 2017,  steel, dirt, boot, paint, offerings


On the evening of June 21st 2017, the Summer Solstice, Residents of Franconia Sculpture Park left peaceful and hopeful offerings for "White Legs," an abstract (crotch in your face) steel sculpture crutched by a swollen mud boot.

 The large Brutalist steel frame headstone captures the idealized beauty of nature through a romantic lens of industrialization while simultaneously inviting park-goers to pose atop the grave for a photo. The tongue-in-cheek references are allegorical to the ironic fate of our ‘messianic’ fathers who have had their graves danced atop by the likes of knocked, mass produced kitschy Ikea displays and “originals”. The gravesite is located at the South entrance of the woods at Franconia Sculpture park, 29836 St Croix Trail, Shafer, Minnesota.