Life After Love, 2016

trophies, neon sign, fake flowers, velvet, curtains, rope, bed, tassels, 18" lcd monitor, speakers, wood, spray paint, dollies, concrete, plaster, pillow, etc..

Special thanks to Bennet Martin for assisting with hair and costume, Jerome Pansa for technical lighting assistance, and Charlotte Nugent on violin. Their help made this project possible.

Life After Love is a sculptural sound and video experience. Inside a velvet lined, insulated sound chamber, viewers rest comfortably to be serenaded and carried to heaven by a classical violin piece performed by my good friend Charlotte Nugent (Boaz).

The work was inspired by ancient Maya sarcophagus lids and the idea that they have the capability of actualizing an individuals journey to the after-life, guiding them into an idealized next succession of self. The enshrinement is meant to be symbolic of my own adolescent indoctrination, evoking associations between cathedral spires, old movie theatre seats, championships, and enchanting bodega windows.